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General Manager of Xinhang Technology Attends the Second Belt and Road Initiative

2019年05月21日来源:本站原创作者: xinhang 点击: Time: May 21, 2019 Source: original Author: xinhang click: Times
The general manager of Xinhang Technology attended the second “Belt and Road” international summit cooperation forum. Xinhang Technology ’s Uganda factory was a signing of the summit. On April 25, the “Belt and Road” entrepreneurs conference was held in Beijing. The Entrepreneurs Conference is the growth and new highlight of the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

“一带一路”国际高峰合作论坛,鑫航科技乌干达工厂闪耀签约成为峰会成果 The general manager of Xinhang Technology attended the second “Belt and Road” International Summit Cooperation Forum

25 日, 一带一路 企业家大会在北京举行。 On April 25 , the " Belt and Road " entrepreneurs conference was held in Beijing. 一带一路 国际合作高峰论坛的增长点和新亮点,全国工商联主席 高云龙 、国务院国资委主任 肖亚庆 、中国贸促会会长 高燕 出席全体会议并致辞。 The Entrepreneurs Conference is the growth and new highlight of the second Belt and Road international cooperation summit forum. Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Gao Yunlong , director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Xiao Yaqing , and Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Gao Yan attended and addressed the plenary session.


一带一路 建设推动经济全球化健康发展和世界经济复苏新的历史使命。 Gao Yunlong pointed out that the current world economic and trade pattern is undergoing profound adjustments, which has given the " Belt and Road " construction a new historical mission to promote the healthy development of economic globalization and the recovery of the world economy. 一带一路 建设,打造国际合作新平台,增添持续发展新动力。 It is hoped that more and more countries will adhere to the principle of mutual consultation, co-construction and sharing, and encourage more people in the business community to participate in the construction of the " Belt and Road " , create a new platform for international cooperation, and add new momentum for sustainable development.

一带一路 建设合作领域更加宽广、合作措施更加完善、合作成果更加丰硕。 Gao Yunlong said that he hoped that Chinese and foreign enterprises would vigorously promote the entrepreneurial spirit and work together to promote a wider scope of cooperation in the construction of the " Belt and Road " , more comprehensive cooperation measures, and more fruitful cooperation. 一带一路 建设提供更多支持和更好服务;与有关方面密切配合,推动项目对接,确保本次企业家大会成果落地落实。 The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce will continue to strengthen dialogue and communication with business associations of various countries to provide more support and better services for all parties involved in the construction of the " Belt and Road " ; work closely with relevant parties to promote project docking and ensure this entrepreneur The results of the conference were implemented.

“鑫航科技电力产业生产集群项目”经过层层选拔,成为最终的峰会签约项目,正式成为了第二届一带一路国际高峰论坛的大会成果。 At this summit, the " Xinhang Technology Power Industry Production Cluster Project" signed by Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. and Uganda Central Umbale Industrial Park was selected through several layers and became the final summit signing project. The results of the second Belt and Road International Summit Forum. 2 亿元美金,形成电力产业需求产品全产业链制造体系,彻底解决乌干达电力大发展时代的痛点,该项目经河北省发改委的备案审批,同时经乌干达国会及中国驻乌干达大使馆的推荐,最后经国家发改委、商务部、国务院的最终审批在今天正式成为第二届“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛签约项目。 As the only project signed by the summit in Hebei Province, Yang Fei, general manager of the company, couldn't hide his excitement after the meeting, and said: Hebei Xinhang Iron Tower Technology Co., Ltd. and Tiantang Group, the largest Chinese enterprise group in Uganda, are in the Republic of Uganda. Xinhang Technology Infrastructure Co., Ltd. was registered and established in accordance with the law. It is the first private enterprise in Hengshui to invest and build overseas. The “Power Industry Production Cluster” project declared by Xinhang Technology Infrastructure Co., Ltd. plans to invest 200 million US dollars. Formed a complete industrial chain manufacturing system for products required by the power industry, and completely solved the pain points of the era of Uganda's great power development. This project was approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Hebei Province, and recommended by the Uganda Parliament and the Chinese Embassy in Uganda. The final review and approval by the Ministry and the State Council formally became the contracted project for the second “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum today. This is to thank the country for introducing the national policy of the Belt and Road Initiative, so that more Chinese companies can go overseas to develop emerging markets. At the same time, it is also grateful to the Ugandan government for granting us ten years of corporate income tax exemption, import raw material exemption, export duty exemption and quota exemption. A huge series of policy support, I believe that with the completion of our Xinhang Technology Infrastructure Co., Ltd., the shortage of infrastructure products in East Africa, even in Central and West Africa, and South Africa will be effectively improved.


冈萨雷斯 、美国加利福尼亚州副州长 康伊莲 、新加坡工商联合总会主席 张松声 等国际组织、政府部门和商协会负责人参加全体会议并致辞。 Gonzalez , Executive Director of the International Trade Center , Kang Yilian , Deputy Governor of California, and Zhang Songsheng , Chairman of the Singapore Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other heads of international organizations, government departments and business associations attended the plenary session and delivered speeches. The leaders of Chinese and foreign companies such as China National Petroleum Corporation, China Communications Construction Group, China Datang Group, Hongdou Group, Xinhua Group, Standard Chartered Group and other foreign companies spoke at the plenary session.

一带一路 给各国企业带来巨大发展机遇,要分享成功经验,创新合作模式,尊重市场规律,遵循国际规则,在合法合规中提高企业竞争能力,在融入 一带一路 中实现互利共赢、共同发展。 Representatives from participating companies generally stated that the Belt and Road brought huge development opportunities to enterprises in various countries. They must share successful experiences, innovate cooperation models, respect market rules, follow international rules, improve corporate competitiveness in legal compliance, and integrate into the Belt and Road ”. " All the way " to achieve mutual benefit and win-win and common development. 一带一路 建设再上新台阶。 Representatives from various trade promotion agencies and business associations have stated that they will strengthen investigation and research, strengthen communication and communication, jointly build a cooperation platform, improve service guarantees, and push the construction of the Belt and Road to a new level.


一带一路 国际合作高峰论坛 共建 ' 一带一路 ' 、开创美好未来 的主题,为各国工商界搭建沟通交流、对接合作、项目签约、深化合作的平台。 The Entrepreneurs Conference is co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It closely follows the theme of the second Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum Building the Belt and Road and Creating a Better Future , which is The world builds a platform for communication, docking cooperation, project signing, and deepening cooperation. 80 多个国家和地区的政府部门、商协会、企业及有关国际组织 850 余名代表参加会议。 More than 850 representatives from government departments, business associations, enterprises and related international organizations from more than 80 countries and regions attended the meeting. 一对一 对接洽谈。 After the plenary meeting, project signing and docking negotiations were held. Participating companies signed a number of project cooperation agreements covering a wide range of fields, wide country coverage, large foundation role, strong demonstration effect, and many livelihood projects, organized by industry and time. Nearly a thousand " one-on-one " matchmaking talks.

鑫航科技基础设施有限公司坐落于乌干达姆巴莱市的中乌姆巴莱工业园(乌干达政府首批批准的国家级工业园,也被评为河北市十大境外产业园),占地 100英亩(约合607亩),总投资2亿美元,分2期实施,第一期是2019年3月——2019年8月,建设内容是年产5万吨级通信基站、输变电铁塔、变电构架等产品的生产车间及完整的流水线,同时建设年产能5万吨级的热浸镀锌流水线。 Guide: Xinhang Technology Infrastructure Co., Ltd. is located in the Umbalai Industrial Park in Mbale, Uganda (the first batch of national industrial parks approved by the Uganda government and also named as the top ten overseas industrial parks in Hebei). The land is 100 acres (about 607 acres), with a total investment of 200 million US dollars. It will be implemented in two phases. The first phase is from March 2019 to August 2019. The construction content is an annual output of 50,000 tons of communication base stations, transmission and transformation Production towers and complete assembly lines for products such as electric towers and substation structures, and a hot-dip galvanizing assembly line with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. The completion and commissioning of the first phase of the project marked the completion of the complete industrial chain of iron towers and steel products from design, production, anticorrosive treatment, installation and construction. Since then, it has bid farewell to the market gap of no tower enterprises in the Middle East and Africa, which has largely made up the market demand for Uganda's telecommunications and power equipment. The second phase is from March 2020 to August 2020. The construction content is power supporting facilities, railway electrification equipment, Production workshops and production lines for highway guardrails and municipal transportation equipment. The second phase of the project is completed and can meet the needs of East Africa for infrastructure. It is providing supporting products for power network and improving the engineering efficiency of network power generation. It meets the needs of the Mongolian-Inner Railway Standard Gauge Company for the extension of Uganda's electrical equipment; It plays an important role in improving the image of urban roads and traffic regulations.

2018年习近平主席出席南非金砖五国会议期间,乌干达总统穆塞韦尼两次拜会习近平主席,探讨在乌干达成立国家级工业园为中国企业进驻提供最优厚的政策和一切便利的条件,我公司项目所在工业园——“中乌姆巴莱国家工业园”即是在中乌两国元首的高度重视下成立的,该产业园具有十年免征企业所得税、免征进口税、营业税、印花税,同时兼具保税港和一站式政府服务大厅的诸多优惠和便利政策,为中国企业进驻和国际产能合作奠定了良好的优势基础;乌干达现阶段亟待解决的问题是得天独厚的自然条件与基础设施落后之间的矛盾,丰富的水利资源和矿产资源没有得到充分的开发利用,目前 The Ugandan Republic is one of the first signatories of the Belt and Road Initiative. It has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the Chinese government for a long time. Because of its location in landlocked countries, attracting Chinese companies to invest in it is a very important event for the Ugandan government. During the meeting, President Museveni of Uganda met President Xi Jinping twice to discuss the establishment of a national industrial park in Uganda to provide the best policy and all convenient conditions for Chinese companies to settle in. The industrial park where our company's projects are located-"Zhong Um The Balai National Industrial Park was established with the great attention of the heads of China and Ukraine. The industrial park has ten years of exemption from corporate income tax, import tax, business tax, stamp tax, and has both a bonded port and a one-stop shop. The many preferential and convenient policies of the government service hall have laid a good foundation for Chinese enterprises to enter and international capacity cooperation; Uganda's urgent problem at this stage is the contradiction between unique natural conditions and backward infrastructure, and abundant water resources And mineral resources have not been fully developed and used. The two hydropower stations aided by China Hydropower Group have entered the final grid-connected power generation phase. The first expressway aided by CCCC has officially opened to traffic, and many central, state-owned, and Chinese-funded enterprises have contracted to build Uganda. For major infrastructure projects, the advantage of our company's project is to help these general contractors to solve the pain points. For example, a series of products such as transmission and transformation towers, substations and cables required by the Chinese general contracted hydropower station need to be returned to domestic procurement. The production, transportation, installation, and commissioning cycle takes 8 to 10 months. After the completion of our project, we can localize the production of the products required by the Chinese general contractor, which can reduce the cycle to 2 months while greatly reducing costs. For another example, the communication network project operated by the general contractor Huawei or ZTE, through our local production and operation, we can save 30% of expenses and 50% of the construction cycle, which has significant economic benefits; At the signing ceremony of the company's project, Ugandan President Museveni spoke highly of the project's solution to the country's difficult and painful problems 政府部门给予一切便利条件,该项目的建立是一带一路和国际产能合作的践行实例,帮助了非洲国家建立完整的全产业链配套,由 “中国制造”升级为“中非联合制造”,解决了大量就业需求、带动了经济发展、深化了两国间的合作和友谊。 And asked the relevant government departments to give all the facilities, the establishment of the project is all the way along and practice examples of international cooperation capacity to assist African countries to establish a complete industrial chain of the whole package, "Made in China" upgraded to "China-Africa Joint "Manufacturing", solved a large number of employment needs, promoted economic development, and deepened cooperation and friendship between the two countries.