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The biggest rainstorm, flood, mudslides in the past two decades ... The Tower People regarded defending the base station as a battle ...

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The biggest rainstorm, flood, mudslides in the past two decades ... The tower people regarded the defense of the base station as a battle ... Since July 19, many places in Hebei have been hit by heavy rain with a maximum rainfall of more than 700 millimeters. There have been extreme heavy rains in the past two decades. Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Handan The four cities in Baoding

The biggest rainstorm, flood, mudslides in the past two decades ... The Tower People regarded defending the base station as a battle ...
Starting from July 19, many areas in Hebei have been hit by heavy rain, with a maximum rainfall of more than 700 millimeters. There have been heavy rains in the past two decades. The four cities of Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Handan, and Baoding have been more severely affected. Floods and debris flows have occurred in some areas phenomenon.

In fact, the situation of the disaster was more severe than the outside world thought. Wechat and Weibo frequently reported severe disasters in Hebei on the weekend. According to the Hebei Civil Affairs Department, as of 18:00 on the 23rd, 149 counties (cities, districts) and Dingzhou and Xinji cities in Hebei province were affected by disasters. The number of people affected was 9.04 million, 114 people died and were missing due to the disaster. 111 people, 52,900 houses collapsed and 155,000 houses damaged.
A large number of houses collapsed, roads were destroyed, communication was interrupted ... Chengde rushed! Tangshan rushed! Xingtai is in a hurry! Baoding urgent! Shijiazhuang is anxious! Hebei is anxious!

Although various communication companies have prepared in advance for the natural disaster of heavy rain, the flood of cement and rock caused by the heavy rain that happened once in 20 years still caused considerable damage to the communication facilities such as the tower base station. It is understood that the communication facilities of the 11 city branches under the jurisdiction of the Hebei Tower have been affected to varying degrees. The computer room was flooded, or the base station was withdrawn due to a power outage ... As of 21:00 on July 21, the Hebei Tower was affected by The number of sites affected by the disaster reached 33,527, with a total of 23,335 power outages, 2,572 outages and 138 flooding sites. In the face of severe disasters, cooperation units such as Hebei Tower and Daiwei dispatched 4,816 rescue personnel, 2,461 rescue vehicles, 2739 oil engines, and spared no effort to repair. As of press time, there were 30620 base stations affected by the disaster, and 3992 base stations were restored. Most of the water leaks in the equipment room have been blocked, and nearly 300,000 users have resumed communication.
The disaster is an order! !!
After the heavy rain occurred, Fan Fuzhou, the general manager and party secretary of Hebei Tower, gave clear instructions at the first time: first, to ensure the personal safety of rescuers; second, to ensure the smooth communication network and reduce losses.
According to the emergency response plan, the Hebei Tower quickly launched a three-level emergency response. Responsible persons will guide the emergency repair work at the emergency monitoring and dispatch center as soon as possible, and require the disaster area to start the emergency plan as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring safety, and cooperate with the operator to support the restoration of communications; Communication with the operator to determine the reinsurance site; report the latest situation every three hours; allocate more resources and personnel to the hardest hit area to ensure that they can keep up with the operator's requirements.
The base station is the battlefield! !!
It is the incumbent responsibility of the tower to repair the related facilities such as the damaged tower base station and restore the smooth communication. The Hebei Tower personnel cooperated with the maintenance and repair unit to invest in intense repairs. For them, the base station is the battlefield! Because the repair work is too busy, there is no time to learn more textual details from more front-line repair personnel, only some of the photos they took during the urgent repair, let's take a look at their battlefield—
Shijiazhuang Iron Tower Rush Repair——

On July 22, in order to ensure the normal operation of the Jingye Old Temple base station, the emergency repair team rushed to Zhanghewan Reservoir at 22 pm. Because the base station where the base station is located is deserted, there is no road, the mountain is raining and foggy, and coupled with poor sight at night, there is no sense of direction. Repair personnel find the base station after climbing for an hour at night, and restore the base station communication in time at 11:45 pm It's easy to go downhill and downhill, and it's even darker when you go down. You can only follow the feeling and slowly walk through the experience. Finally, it is already 2am the next day.

The road was flooded and ground work could not be performed. The emergency team staff raised the cable with the help of a forklift.

Xingtai Iron Tower Rush Repair——

Disaster scene

Overcome various difficulties such as road damage and floods

Machine room repair site

Baoding Iron Tower Rush Repair——

Emergency dispatch command

Late Night Repair

Tangshan Iron Tower Rush Repair——

Inspection base station

Late Night Repair Flooding Site

Chengde Iron Tower Rush Repair——

Race against time in the middle of the night