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The Tower Company has an IoT node with a scale of more than one million. Do you know?

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The Tower Company has an IoT node with a scale of more than one million. Do you know? The 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition will be held from September 20 to 23 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This year's exhibition will focus on and showcase the new generation of information and communication technologies with the theme of "gathering everything, integrating innovation"

The Tower Company has an IoT node with a scale of more than one million. Do you know?
The 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition will be held from September 20 to 23 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This year's exhibition will focus on and display new products, technologies, and technologies in the fields of next-generation information and communication technologies, broadband network construction, Internet development, informatization applications, and network and information security. Business, new models, especially the breakthroughs made by the information and communications industry in areas such as "Made in China 2025", "Internet +", "Mass Entrepreneurship, and Mass Innovation". The tower company, which is responsible for the construction of mobile communications infrastructure such as the tower in the information and communication industry, is also one of the four major telecommunications companies in China and will participate again after last year. In fact, the tower company and the theme of this year's communications exhibition are still highly consistent. Many people don't know that the Tower Company has an IoT network with a node scale of more than one million and also has many bright spots in innovation.
So, what will the Tower Company exhibit in the second communication exhibition?

1. The topic of "shared value creation" has to be said
Last year, the Tower Company made its debut at the Communications Exhibition, showing the company's development strategy and staged development results to the outside world, focusing on the value created for the industry and society through sharing. The reporter predicts that in the 2016 Communications Exhibition, the Tower Company will continue to tell the story of “sharing and creating value”, because this is the greatest significance and value of the establishment of the Tower Company, and also fits the general direction of the country ’s “supply-side reform”. The Tower Company is the "testing field" for the reform of state-owned enterprises. At present, the largest and most important customer groups are the three operators. Therefore, it is very important for the development of the Tower Company to say that sharing creates value for the industry and society.

In fact, after the establishment and full operation of the Tower Company, it coordinated the construction needs of the three operators and insisted on "can share but not new construction." It has shown the value created by sharing with solid data. In 2015, the Tower Company undertook the construction requirements of three telecommunications companies for 584,000 (including multi-year demand) and delivered about 485,000. The share rate of new towers increased from less than 20% to 75% in the past, and the value of sharing is very significant: Compared with the construction of three operators alone, 265,000 fewer tower sites were built, saving nearly 50 billion yuan in industry investment, nearly 4 billion yuan in maintenance costs, and reducing land occupation by 13,000 acres. In addition, China Tower has undertaken 11,000 indoor distribution system projects for major operators such as subways, airports, transportation hubs, and large-scale venues. Among them, the total length of subway projects has reached 444 kilometers, and the total length of high-speed railway projects has reached 1,524 kilometers. And through the integration of demand, unified construction, optimization and innovation, etc., greatly promote project construction to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is reported that in the first half of this year, through the co-ordination of the Tower Company, the telecommunications industry has built 154,000 fewer towers.

The "Tower Model" of "sharing and creating value" has been fully recognized by government departments at all levels and three operators. Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said at the symposium on industrial cooperation among central enterprises in early September: Reduced costs. "
The reporter predicts that at this year's exhibition, the Tower Company will still focus on the effectiveness of shared development. In addition to the data on the surface, it will also enhance the persuasiveness through some point cases. For example, the Chengdu Metro Line 3 communication coverage project and the Harbin-Daqi high-speed rail mobile network coverage project are all typical projects that have been reported by the media multiple times in the first half of the year. Chengdu Metro Line 3 Communication Coverage Project The 4G communication covers 23.95 kilometers, all of which are jointly built and shared by China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Telecom, which saves operating costs and construction investment of more than 30 million yuan, greatly improving the efficiency of resource use. The Harbin-Daqi high-speed rail mobile network coverage project, through the integration of demand planning, reduced the number of new sites from 389 to 268 and reduced 121 towers. The project investment saved 80 million yuan, and the sharing rate increased from 40.55% to 64.62%.

2. Housekeeping skills-professional construction and maintenance capabilities
The Tower Company emphasized that "because it is single, it is unique." It turns out that the assets of the tower base station are at the end of the operator's management, and the management is relatively extensive. The Tower Company is specialized in the construction and maintenance of communication towers. Of course, it hopes to use its large platform such as Communications Exhibition to show its housekeeping skills, professional construction and maintenance capabilities, to society and customers. Based on a large number of media reports for analysis and refinement, the reporter believes that the professional construction and maintenance capabilities of the Tower Company can be roughly demonstrated in the following aspects: planning-led site acquisition methods, standardized and modular tower construction methods, and e-commerce materials procurement Methods, advanced maintenance systems for the Internet of Things, and frequently reported beautification tower design and construction methods.
Plan leading site acquisition methods. “Difficult location, difficult to enter, difficult to construct” has always been the biggest problem in the construction of base stations in the communications industry. Because it has not been incorporated into the construction plan of the government level, the base station towers have no legal identity, coupled with the public's misunderstanding of electromagnetic radiation and other factors. Occasionally, obstructions to the construction of tower base stations have occurred in some places, and even when completed, they were required to be demolished. After the establishment of the Tower Company, as the only main body of the infrastructure of the tower, it can better report and communicate with the government and related departments, and it will be easier to win policy support. Through the strategic cooperation with the government, the communication facilities such as the tower will be included in the strategic public. The infrastructure is incorporated into the local development plan, so that the tower base station obtains the "identity card" and "hukou book", thereby reducing the resistance to obtaining the base station construction site. It is reported that 180 prefectures and cities across the country have issued the “Special Plan for Communication Base Stations”, which was integrated into the overall development plan of the city for the first time, and the special plan was uniformly prepared by the Tower Company.

Standardized and modular tower construction. At the beginning of the establishment of the Tower Company, it pushed for the standardization of tower design, reduced the procurement and equipment maintenance costs of tower manufacturers, and promoted the scale of production. It also changed the traditional construction management model and divided tower projects into tower foundations, tower masts, machine rooms, Product modules such as power supply and service modules such as design, construction, and supervision, according to customer order requirements, form a total solution through the flexible combination of product and service module building blocks to improve the efficiency of project construction.
E-commerce materials procurement methods. Innovation is one of the key words of this exhibition. In this key word, Tower Company actually has many bright spots, and the e-commerce procurement platform is one of them. The Tower Company promotes the management method of "single tower accounting", which means that the regional manager is responsible for the cost, benefit, and quality of the towers he builds. If the traditional purchasing model is followed, the regional manager will go crazy on many tedious coordination and communication matters. With the e-commerce procurement model, as long as the regional manager selects the type of base station he wants to build on the engineering system, the system will design a fixed design atlas to design what services and equipment to build this station. Then select the corresponding manufacturer's equipment (the price is clearly marked on the e-commerce platform), wait for the receipt and then supervise the installation. The connection account does not need to be managed, which greatly saves construction costs and improves construction efficiency.
Beautify the way of tower design and construction. In order to change the public's and owners' poor visual perception of the communication tower base station and better integrate with the urban landscape, the tower company cooperates with design institutes and manufacturers to carry out innovative design in many details such as the appearance of the tower, tower housing, and antenna. Under the premise of not affecting the network coverage effect of the operator, make every effort to meet the requirements of landscaping. For example, in the design of the tower itself, different application scenarios are fully considered, and the appearance and imitation of the tower are used to better integrate the tower with the environment. This is also the appearance of trees and flowers. Of communication tower. In the design of the tower housing, the Tower Company put a lot of effort into the landscaping. The reporter believes that the beautification tower is very suitable for the development requirements of a "two-type" society, and I believe it will appear at the current communication exhibition.
An advanced maintenance system based on the Internet of Things. It is estimated that many people can't think of it, the Tower Company is actually a company with a strong Internet of Things factor. In order to provide better maintenance services, the Tower Company installed IoT sensor equipment at all sites where conditions are available. It can collect data such as temperature and humidity of the site and power stability. The transmission of information is summarized through a wireless 3G / 4G network. Monitoring platform. It is understood that the Tower Company currently has more than one million sites with sensing equipment, which constitutes a million-scale Internet of Things, which is a concrete manifestation of its professional maintenance capabilities. Relying on the operation and maintenance monitoring system based on the Internet of Things, the management personnel of the Tower Company can grasp the operation of any site in real time. If there is a problem such as power failure and water leakage at a certain site, the system will automatically send the order to the mobile app of the corresponding maintenance staff in the locality, and the obstacle repair will be timely.
The monitoring and dispatching system based on the Internet of Things system has greatly improved the maintenance and service capabilities of various subway tower companies.
2 Diversified business capabilities showcase worth looking forward to
Going public is the next very important goal of the Tower Company. According to its strategic planning time node is expected to be in 2017. However, going public is a complex systems project, and all aspects must meet relevant regulatory requirements, such as profitability and compliance. At present, the Tower Company has received millions of operators' existing towers and reached agreements on leasing services. It can be said that the main tower business for operator customers has entered normal operations.
For the Tower Company to go public in the next step, it must demonstrate the company's good growth through diversified business development based on the main business, and win the attention of the capital market. And the multi-party sharing and cooperation through more than 1.6 million site resources to achieve a win-win situation is the most effective way. This is not only the responsibility of the China Tower, but also a good reflection of the social value of the China Tower. At the communications exhibition last year, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai's statement that "the country is ready to hand over the charging pile to the China Tower" has aroused heated discussions in the media and the whole society. What kind of diversified business will the tower company show at this year's communications exhibition?
It is reported that since the beginning of last year, the Tower Company has begun to expand the relevant business of non-telecommunications companies. The demand applications involve video surveillance, environmental monitoring, satellite ground reception, etc. The customers are involved in the government and its related departments, enterprises and other aspects. At present, some local radio and television departments are also cooperating with Tower Corporation. In the first half of this year, Huang Qingxia, the general manager of the Construction and Maintenance Department of the Tower Company, once said that the Tower Company will open up millions of site resources to promote resource sharing with the society and the government, and in areas such as atmospheric, meteorological, environmental monitoring, and electric vehicles And new business in billboards.

A subway tower company explored the "one-use-multi-use" business.
Therefore, in addition to the traditional business, what exciting value-added business the Tower Company exhibited at this communication exhibition is also expected.