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Message from the Chairman

Dear leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
good morning guys! Everyone is welcome to come to participate in the company's new third board listing ceremony.
Looking at the leaders, family and friends here, I am very excited and very emotional.
I gave me the following paragraph I wanted to say, a small topic, called dreams, dedication and harvest-my " Xinhang Road! "

(Dong Wei, Chairman of Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech)

Today is a wonderful day. We gathered in Beijing in the golden autumn and held the "New Third Board Listing of Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd." ceremony. On behalf of Xinhang Technology, I would like to express my best wishes to all leaders and guests who are here today Heartfelt thanks!
I remember that in the summer of 2010, I, Yang Fei, Liu Lining, three young people with a dream of starting a business, returned to their hometown from all over the motherland, the hot land where I was born to support me-Hengshui. After more than half a year of preparation, in April 2011, Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established!
When the company was founded, we set sail with dreams! For the economic development of our hometown, we are determined to make the enterprise well, bigger and stronger! Of course, the way forward is not smooth sailing, my team and I are facing difficulties! I remember at that time, there were no more holidays on the calendar, and I encountered difficult problems, and often met to discuss two or three in the morning. In addition to our dedication, this also includes the selfless dedication of the respective family members of the team! Most of the company's members belong to the 1980s, and the children are still young. The wife can only take care of the family outside. Old parents can only take care of each other by themselves. Family members have used silent efforts to reduce our worries; of course, there are selfless support, care and help from leaders and friends at all levels. When encountering difficulties, they always give a helping hand as soon as possible. It is with these that Xinhang Technology has grown rapidly along with continuous expansion of scale! At the same time, we seize the opportunity and when the country proposes to vigorously develop the New Third Board and focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, we should decisively contact the securities dealers and contact the Beijing Stock Exchange Company, and we are determined to take the new third board listing process!
From the moment the decision was made, my team and I entered a period of almost crazy ecstasy. Documents and materials are prepared all day and night. Finally, we ushered in the harvest and also created a Xinhang speed! From the accountant's entry in February 2014, to April 2014, Xinhang Company completed the shareholding system transformation and officially changed its name to Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. In July, Cinda Securities officially submitted a recommendation application to the stock transfer company. At this point, the listing of the New Third Board is ready. Finally, on August 31, 2014, the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System Company officially approved that Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the New Third Board! Being able to achieve such results is due to the efficient review and approval of various departments of the hometown government and the professional capabilities of the sponsors; thanks to the concerted efforts of the corporate team. As the first NEEQ listed company in Hengshui and the first NEEQ listed company in the industry, I am proud and proud of our team!
The short name of our company's stock is "Xinhang Technology", and the stock code is 831093. 831093, for ordinary people, it is a set of ordinary numbers, but it is extremely extraordinary to me and my team. It represents a team spirit-sincere unity, never give up! Represents a kind of hope—for hard dreams, and a kind of attitude—craving for success and willingness to pay for it and dare to break the boat; it represents a dedication—silent support and selfless help from family and friends; it also represents With a harvest-like a rainbow after the storm!
In the face of our immediate achievements, we are not only happy to calm down while we are celebrating. Because this is only our first step, I believe that with the advantages of the New Third Board, the company's organizational structure is scientific and reasonable, its financial system is rigorous and standardized, and its product quality is constantly improving! In the next two or three years, Xinhang Technology will quickly grow into a modern enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, contribute its own power to the economic development of its hometown and the economic development of Hengshui, and live up to its support and help. The care and love of leaders at all levels of growth, as well as family and friends!
Finally, on behalf of all my colleagues in Xinhang Technology, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to everyone who has participated in the company's listing and listing ceremony! I also express my deep gratitude to the company for its strong support! I wish all leaders and guests present to be healthy and happy at work!

thank you all!