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About Xinhang

Hebei Xinhang Tower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2011. It is located in Taocheng Economic Development Zone, Hengshui City, covering an area of 203 acres, a building area of 43,000 square meters, and an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons. Five. Officially put into production in June 2014, it is one of the top ten key enterprises in Taocheng District, and the only company designated by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee to help. The company has been widely praised by downstream customers for its strict control over product quality. In August 2014, it landed on the NEEQ and became the first NEEQ metal structure product company, and the first NEEQ listed company in Hengshui City. After listing, it seized market opportunities and realized the company's rapid growth. The company's two-year average compound growth rate reached 215%, and its net profit increased by 187.24% in 2015, becoming one of the 22 enterprises in Hebei that entered the innovation layer for the first time.

Since its establishment, Xinhang Technology has paid great attention to the application of automation equipment. At present, it has 55 sets of automated and numerically controlled production lines. 80% of its production processes have been numerically controlled and automated, ranking among the best in the industry. At the same time, the company has a complete physical and chemical laboratory, which can independently complete physical and chemical tests, and issue material inspection reports and product inspection reports. The next step will be the joint development of the "Intelligent Unmanned Factory Project for Flexible Manufacturing for Towers" with relevant institutions. After reaching production, it will bring subversive changes to the production method and cost structure of the towers, and the profitability of the company will be greatly improved. Expected goal of transformation and upgrading of the iron tower industry.

Xinhang Technology also has the production and operation qualifications of the three main products of the communication tower, power tower, and railway contact network pillar. Compared with its peers, it has stronger operating license barriers, avoiding the risk of excessive reliance on a single customer. Technology has laid a good foundation for achieving the ultimate goal of the matrix tower leading enterprises across the three major markets of communications, electricity and railways. At the same time, the company has always focused on investment in scientific and technological research and development. It currently has 8 utility model patents, 2 appearance patents, and 1 registered trademark. It will be listed as a high-tech enterprise in September 2016; The "manufacturing demonstration project" has completed research and development, and it is expected that the results will be converted and put into use at the end of 2016.

Xinhang Technology is one of the few iron tower enterprises with iron tower and steel structure import and export rights. With the introduction of national strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative, international capacity cooperation, and assistance in building Africa, we are intensifying the layout along the route. The Middle East Representative Office, South Africa Representative Office, and Central Asian Representative Office intercepted foreign orders in overseas markets, laying a good foundation for the subsequent output of complete intelligent manufacturing production lines.

Relying on advanced production equipment, sufficient production capacity and high-quality customer resources, Xinhang Tower manufactures various types of communication base stations for China Tower Corporation, China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom, and provides energy-saving, emission reduction, inspection and maintenance solutions for the country; The power grid produces 500kv and below transmission and transformation iron towers and substation frameworks; produces electrified railway catenary pillars for the Railway Corporation; produces lightning protection towers for the National Lightning Protection Center; in addition, it can produce various types of photovoltaic steel carports and supports, large light steel structures Many steel-structured civil products such as workshops, GPS ground radar reflective antennas, craft decorative towers, highway guardrails, and municipal light poles.

Significance of Xinhang Technology's Implementation of "Intelligent Manufacturing Unmanned Plant in the Tower Industry"

Intelligent manufacturing is the core content of the Made in China 2025 plan, and the market space for intelligent manufacturing solutions can reach trillions of levels. Xinhang Technology started and based on the tower industry. Based on its own needs and industry needs, Xinhang Technology is committed to the landing of intelligent manufacturing in the tower industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of related industries. Xinhang Technology is developing an intelligent unmanned factory project for the flexible manufacturing of iron towers once it is put into production, which can create huge economic benefits. At the same time, Xinhang Technology intends to directly enter the field of power transmission and transformation towers by means of horizontal mergers and acquisitions, bringing business development A new growth pole was finally formed, leading to the formation of a matrix tower leading company across the three major fields of communications, power and railways, releasing strong IPO expectations; riding on the favorable wind of national policies, and going abroad while expanding domestic market share To export the surplus production capacity, intercept the overseas market to the local area, and obtain a higher return on investment. We will lead the way in implementing the strategy of Made in China 2025 and go all out!